Welcome to the world of Night Owl 2. We are a shared-ownership syndicate that
races a MAT 12 yacht designed by Mark Mills and built to a very high
specification in Turkey. She has always been professionally maintained, 'dry-
sailed' (ie not kept in the water), and the running and standing rigging was
replaced in 2014/15. She is kept ready to race and all the equipment is updated
and serviced throughout the season. Night Owl 2 is our boat, not a school boat or
charter boat, and she gets all the attention you would expect if you owned your
own boat.

We keep the racing sail wardrobe up-to-date and we have a large wardrobe of
inshore and offshore mainsails, and a wardrobe of 4 genoas, 4 spinnakers, a jib
top, a spinnaker stay sail and storm sails if required.

We replace all the sails regularly and work with our sail-maker to get the best
from the wardrobe. We mostly sail in IRC 0 or 1 on a new 2017 rating of 1.124.